Classic Business Quotes #2

Photo of Michael Dell by Jana Asenbrennerova | Reuters

"The only way on earth to influence other people is to talk about what they want and show them how to get it." ~ Dale Carnegie in How to Win Friends and Influence People.

"Forgive me if this letter is too long. I didn't have time to make it short." ~ Mark Twain

"You can take in information with your eyes much faster than any other sense... You can't hear information nearly as fast as you can see it... you can't touch it, smell it, taste it. There's no sense that takes in information faster than your eyes." ~ Michael Dell

"If your words aren't truthful, the finest optically letter-spaced typography won't help." ~ Edward Tufte

"It would seem unlikely that a manufacturer of short-lived paperboard boxes could make the slightest cultural impact upon his time. But the facts show that even if the humblest product is designed, manufactured and distributed with a sense of human values and with a taste for quality, the world will recognize the presence of a creative force" ~ Herbert Bayer

"If a client comes to you and says that they're not really sure what to do, that's one of the best relationships you can possibly have - when there's  an acknowledgment of a goal but the path to the end product is unknown, and they're open to the collaboration." ~ Abbott Miller

"Once you've mastered the rules, you can do anything, even abolish them, but without structure it's impossible to get started." ~ Ed Fella

"A man needs a cage in which to be free." ~ Graham Shaw

"My dream is to have people working on useless projects. These have the germ of new concepts." ~ Charles Eames

"It's not a sign of creativity to have sixty-five ideas for one problem. It's just a waste of energy." ~ Jan Kaplicky

Classic Business Quotes #3

"It's not a sign of creativity to have sixty-five ideas for one problem. It's just a waste of energy." 

~ Jan Kaplicky, architect (1937-2009)

Something as common as house paint can be exciting when polished to a mirror finish.

~ Tod Williams, architect (1943 - )

CFO asks CEO : "What happens if we invest in developing our people and they leave?"

CEO:  "What happens if we don't and they stay?"

~Peter Baeklund, leadership coach

"Give me a good script and I'll be a hundred times better as a director."

~George Cukor, film director (1899-1983)

"Well, there's no such thing as a good script, really."

~John Ford, film director (1894-1973)

"Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together."

~ James Cash Penney, founder, JC Penney

"Play by the rules, but be ferocious."

~ Phil Knight, founder, Nike

"The only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks."

~ Mark Zuckerberg, founder, Facebook

"Out of your vulnerabilities, will come your strength."

~ Sigmund Freud, psychiatrist

"To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business,  and your business in your heart."

~ Thomas Watson, Sr.,former CEO, IBM

"It's very easy to be different but very difficult to be better."

~ Jonathan Ive, Chief Design Officer, Apple

Classic Business Quotes

"You can't do the same thing for five years. You have to get rid of it. It doesn't matter anymore. Just let it go, even if it's your signature. Even if everybody expects you to do it. Try to find another way to walk."  ~ famed designer Paula Scher, pictured above.

"Successful innovators use both the right side and the left side of their brains." ~ Peter F. Drucker in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

"Some problems cannot be solved; they can only be replaced." ~ psychologist Carl Jung

"The need to grapple with the accelerating demand for more content and more types of content, as well as the imperative to create that content with greater speed and lower cost." ~ Rich Stoddart

"I never use any ideas again. Once I've used them, that's it." ~ architect Arthur Erickson

"Eliminate unnecessary words! Eliminate unnecessary words!" ~ William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White in The Elements of Style