Creative Business Communications

Inspired by jazz and fueled by espresso, our aim is to write concisely and free of jargon, while delivering an authentic message. 

"Omit needless words."  ~  so directed Strunk & White in the classic text The Elements of Style.   

Our method is simple; we enjoy research, we are keen on detail, and we know when to modify the rules of grammar. We operate in two spheres: business and music, having decades of experience in both. 

"Writing is easy. You just sit at the typewriter in front of a blank page and open a vein." ~ Ernest Hemingway


We Write to Order 

For Companies and Individuals

      • if your website is more than two years old, it's out of date.
      • if your presentations are no longer winning the new clients you deserve, you need to shuffle the deck.
      • if your internal communications are stuck in version 1.0, it really is time to call us... today.

How We Can Help 

      • words matter;  our words will connect, persuade and inspire.
      • every story is an interesting one, if told in definite, specific, vibrant language.
      • we've applied our talents to dozens of business situations; let's discuss next steps to see if we can help you. 


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