Workplace Design as a Talent Management Strategy

Workplace design has a major effect on employee productivity and satisfaction and can be an effective component of your talent management...

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Canada’s Expertise in Innovation

The demand for Canadian talent has never been greater, and the opportunities to bring Canadian innovation and business thinking to the world...

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Harnessing Big Data

What is ahead in harnessing big data in business and science is the necessity to use every human faculty in the decision-making process.

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The Customer-Focused Strategy

How will leaders drive revenue growth, keep top talent and retain profitable customers with global competition?

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Classic Business Quotes

Several illuminating quotes from the worlds of business, design and culture. We will be adding to this post regularly.

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Classic Business Quotes #3

The third in the Content Group's series of inspiring business quotes, taken from decades past and this week's news.

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Classic Business Quotes #2

Here is the second in our series of great quotations, culled from many sources.

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Managing Yourself: Business Thinking at its Best

The difference that Peter Drucker brought to business management can be summed up in a single phrase – he focused on human relationships,...

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