“You can’t do the same thing for five years. You have to get rid of it. It doesn’t matter anymore. Just let it go, even if it’s your signature. Even if everybody expects you to do it. Try to find another way to walk.”  ~ famed designer Paula Scher, pictured above.

“Successful innovators use both the right side and the left side of their brains.” ~ Peter F. Drucker in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

“Some problems cannot be solved; they can only be replaced.” ~ psychologist Carl Jung

“The need to grapple with the accelerating demand for more content and more types of content, as well as the imperative to create that content with greater speed and lower cost.” ~ Rich Stoddart

“I never use any ideas again. Once I’ve used them, that’s it.” ~ architect Arthur Erickson

“Eliminate unnecessary words! Eliminate unnecessary words!” ~ William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White in The Elements of Style