About Content Group Services Inc.

Content Group consists of our Managing Principal, Brian Miller, and our Content Editor, Diane Paquette. Together they forge some of the most compelling business content to be found anywhere. Brian and Diane are located in Kelowna, BC, and have extensive business experience in several industries: document management, real estate, retail, and publishing.

They are further supported by partnerships and collaborations with a group of talented designers, project managers and consultants across Canada.

Brian began his business career several decades ago, designing forms and preparing system studies for Moore Business Forms in Winnipeg. His career has taken him to Saskatoon, Calgary, Brandon, Vancouver, Toronto, and finally the beautiful city of Kelowna. He has owned a record and audio store and been a VP of Sales for a major national firm. All the while he harbored a not-so-secret desire to become a full-time writer, having been published by Carleton University at the age of 16. The founding of Content Group in 2015 has made many dreams come true.

Diane began her business career in Vancouver in the management program of Sears. She moved on to real estate, and then owned a recruitment agency for several years. She is one terrific golfer who once missed a fairway about 12 years ago. She is still hoping for that first hole-in-one though. And as for her editing skills, there is no one keener and more capable of improving copy than Diane.

Their partnership is primarily a love affair, intertwined with golf, music, wine, travel, and a mutual love of language and business. Here is their business focus:


Corporate Writing

Company profiles, case studies, business reviews, sales proposals, contracts.

The process: develop strategy and content that focuses on your audience, in an authentic voice that projects your brand.

The goal: create effective communications that interest your audience and demonstrate your business expertise.

Website Content

Custom WordPress and Shopify site expertise. Complete website strategy and creation. Over 700 articles published, both business and creative.

Feature articles, case studies, blog articles, social media content. Interviews with business leaders, musicians, producers. Concert and event reviews.

Create, Rewrite, Improve

We provide clarity to your business communications. Give us your documents, your manuals, your sales proposals and your presentation decks: we will renew them with energy and purpose. That's a promise.